20 Best Carpet Cutting Knife Options

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A carpet cutting knife is a great tool for removing and adjusting the size of the carpet. You don’t always know what size of carpet you will need for the room and there are always those extra inches that you have to cut to adjust to your perimeter.

There are so many carpet cutting knife options available on the market, it may be hard to know which one to choose. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages and you have to read them carefully before selecting a specific option. Let’s not forget that some types of knives are good for their extra sharpness while other carpet knives are great for cutting and slicing and have double edges. In this post, we have listed the 20 most popular carpet knife options along with a detailed description of their pros and cons.

Let’s dive in!

Our Top Picks – Best Carpet Cutting Knives of 2022

There are so many options out there! How do you know which one to pick? We’ve got you covered. Check out the list below, it features all the best carpet cutting knives available on the market.

      1. BIBURY Multipurpose Carpet Knife at Amazon
      2. Otirilo Folding Utility Knife with SK5 Blades 100Pack at Amazon
      3. Roberts 10-215 Razor Blade Carpet Knife at Amazon
      4. Red Oak Tools Razor Blade Heavy Duty Carpet Knife at Amazon
      5. Roberts Carpet Tools Cut and Jam Carpet Knife at Amazon
      6. XW Folding Carpet Knife at Amazon
      7. Box Cutter Utility Knife by Home Planet Gear at Amazon
      8. Orcon Utility Knife – Carpet Cutter at Amazon
      9. Internet’s Best Premium Utility Knife – Set of 2 at Amazon
      10. Sheffield 12113 Ultimate Lock Back Carpet Knife at Amazon
      11. Crain 301 Cushion Back Carpet Cutter at Amazon
      12. KUTIR Retractable Box Cutter Utility Knife at Amazon
      13. Delphin Yellow dolphin Knife Carpet Fitter Professional Tool at Amazon
      14. Shark Knife by Gundlach at Amazon
      15. Delphin dolphin knife Carpet Fitter Professional Tool at Amazon
      16. CRAFTSMAN Utility Knife for Carpet at Amazon
      17. Crain 217 Hook Handle Razor Carpet Knife at Amazon
      18. Sheffield 12818 Ultimate Lock Back Carpet Knife at Amazon
      19. WORX WX081L ZipSnip Cutting Tool at Amazon
      20. C.JET TOOL 10″ Professional Soft Grip Heavy Duty Carpet Scissors at Amazon

Here, the best carpet cutting knives available in 2022.

1. BIBURY Multipurpose Carpet Knife

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Without a doubt, this carpet knife is one of my favorite products that’s why we have listed it as the first on the list. It’s available on Amazon and has so many benefits. It has really high ratings left by more than 600 people. Let’s see what all of them liked about this carpet knife.

This carpet knife has a new shape of the knife head. It has a comfortable ergonomic design. It is available in two colors black. The blade is made of stainless steel and the end of the handle is made of aluminum. The manufacturer of this carpet knife proudly says that the handle is anti-slip and it also has an anti-slip button. This makes this carpet knife safe to use by any customer. From the other side of the blade, this knife has a multifunction utility tool that you can use for opening bottles and cans, as a ruler, and even as a saw.

What’s more to like – the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for this carpet knife.

If your night comes in a package with 10 replaceable high carbon stainless steel blades. The safety blade box with the extra blades is very easy to carry and safe to hold and store.

Safe and sharp – just what you need!

2. Otirilo Folding Utility Knife with SK5 Blades 100Pack

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The second carpet knife on my list has an aluminum handle and a high-quality stainless steel blade. Same as the previous knife, this one has a security button that allows you to keep the plates in there please, and release them only when you need to change the blade. According to the best industry standards this heavy-duty knife is sharp, but safe to use, and has a nice secure grip.

What makes it so special? This carpet knife allows you to cut carpets faster compared to other alternatives and the blades will last much longer. You can use it not just for the carpet but for cutting cardboard boxes, rubber, leather, pipes, and even soft metal. The package includes 100 replacement blades that you can easily change. To do this you just have to push the button. Easy isn’t it?

These blades are very hard to break and have high resistance. Plus, it is rust-proof.

The package available on Amazon includes a knife itself, 100 spare blades, and a user manual.

This carpet knife can be used even by inexperienced users; it is ergonomic and lightweight. It is also a good helper for DIY projects. Much recommended!

3. Roberts 10-215 Razor Blade Carpet Knife

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The third carpet knife on our list is also good and sturdy. The handle carries a few extra blades. To extract them, you just have to unscrew the knife. The blade is also very sharp and you can easily cut your carpets with just a little pressure. It‘s available in silver color and has a practical handle that makes it easy to hang somewhere.

Like all similar knives, it has security measures in place to prevent accidental cutting. The easy-to-open knob is a great feature that makes it so safe.

It is also budget-friendly as the price on Amazon is below average. Many reviewers who left their feedback after using this carpet knife said that this is the only product that they liked, and they use it on a regular basis for professional use.

It is a good buy and will not let you down in your carpet cutting tasks.

What did the reviewers say? People really liked this knife and said it is sharp as hell, and you can use it for many things. For example, you can use it for cutting cardboard boxes. Why not!

4. Red Oak Tools Razor Blade Heavy Duty Carpet Knife

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Carpet knife by Red Oak Tools is a great choice because it makes clean and accurate cuts. You can cut even the hardest shapes, and be sure that the blade will do the work. Speaking of the blades, this knife comes with a set of 5 spare blades. More than enough to finish all the carpeting work in your house. These blades will serve you for many years to come.

The blades are made of steel, and together with a slip-resistant grip, they make this carpet knife a safe and effective solution. It also has a smart mechanism for quick blade removal and change.

Reviewers of this knife said that it’s a great product, but it’s very sharp. That’s exactly what’s expected of a carpet knife, but you have to be careful when working with it. They also mentioned that the handle is easy to hold.

It’s a good alternative to the carpet knives listed above, and more than 200 people left really high ratings after using this product. Let’s believe them.

5. Roberts Carpet Tools Cut and Jam Carpet Knife

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Another great product by Roberts Carpet Tools is a dual-function knife that can be used for carpet cutting and jamming carpet into gullies. This carpet knife has 2 ends and has a safety thumb and blade guard, and an easy-to-open knob. No wonder that so many people have selected it and left more than 500 high reviews on Amazon. You can also buy it in a set of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 knives. 

Speaking of the advantages of this carpet knife, we have to mention that the blades are very sharp. The metal construction of this knife also features 3 extra blades kept in the internal knife storage. If you have a DIY carpet cutting project just for your home, this knife is a great choice,

Reviews say that the knife works just as advertised, and even people who have never done cutting before in their life found it very easy to use and intuitive. Highly recommended.

6. XW Folding Carpet Knife

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Folding carpet knife by the XW store is one of a kind. The package includes a knife with extra five blades and a protective cap. It’s one of the cheapest carpet knives available on Amazon. The handle of the knife is durable and comfortable; it has an anti-slip grip that will protect you from accidental injuries. It also has a smart yellow slider that allows you to unfold a knife and fold it back again.

If you need to change the blade you have to slightly pull the yellow slider backward and then pull the blade out. It will come out easily. Check out the Amazon listing page, it features a great video about how this knife operates, opens, and closes.

What we like most about it is a protective cap, it ensures that the knife is safe when folded. Like all the other carpet knives, you can use them for cutting many other things. It’s very good at cutting boxes.

A lot of reviewers said that this knife is very safe and you can’t accidentally open it, you have to press the button first. This carpet knife is a good value and comes in very handy and convenient.

7. Box Cutter Utility Knife by Home Planet Gear

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The next item on my list is the multifunctional utility knife which is very easy to use for cutting the carpet. It has a nice blue-colored handle which provides a strong grip on your hand. This grip is rubber-covered and lightweight. You should choose this product if you are looking for a high precision cutting and an extra durable material.

It also comes with five extra sharp blades which are stored inside the handle. The handle itself is made of zinc.

The small size of the knife will easily fit into your back pocket or a toolbox.

To change the blade, just press on the red release button and hold it. After that, firmly grasp the blade and pull it out.

The reviews said that this carpet knife is great for many home DIY yourself projects. It has surpassed even have the highest expectations. This carpet knife is weighted in a great way so that you can use the blade by applying just a little force.

8. Orcon Utility Knife – Carpet Cutter

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This carpet cutting knife by Orcon it’s a great product that has a special D-ring that’s patented and makes knife storage very easy and convenient. You have to buy the blades separately. It’s very easy because this carpet knife uses all the common conventional and heavy-duty knife blades.

It has one of the highest ratings on Amazon, which makes it a favorite product among beginners and professional carpet installers.

Reviewers praised the fact that you can open this knife without a screwdriver, and to change the blade, you don’t have to dismantle it completely. It will be enough just to loosen it and insert the blade between the two handles.

It also feels good in the hand and has a proper solid weight. Much recommended!

9. Internet’s Best Premium Utility Knife – Set of 2

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It is the highest quality utility knife by Internet best store and it’s made of premium metal. A nicely shaped rubber grip allows you to create precise and quick cuts on carpets, plastic packaging, boxes, and many other surfaces.

The knife includes 5 extra blades, so you’ll have more than enough of them to do the carpet cutting work in the whole house.

This popular package available on Amazon includes a set of 2 knives, each has dimensions of 9.5 x 4 x 2 inches.

To change the blade on this utility knife, simply extend the knife blade, and then press on the red security button to release the blade. To insert the new blade, press this red button once again, and insert the new blade. Quick and easy!

10. Sheffield 12113 Ultimate Lock Back Carpet Knife

view on amazon buttonThis aluminum-made carpet knife has excellent carbon steel blades. What’s so special about this knife is that it has a patented mechanism to change the blades. To do this, you don’t even have to unscrew the knife. The knife is also compatible with all the commonly used utility blades. It’s made with safety in mind and is safe in comparison with the usual retractable carpet knives. The textured grip allows it to hold this knife strong even during the hardest cutting procedures.

What’s even more interesting, you can open it with just one hand. That comes very convenient when your other hand is busy with the building supplies and holding the carpet. This utility knife also has a handy belt clip, which you can use to carry this knife around.

What do the reviews say? People liked that this knife is more precise compared to the retractable blade knives, and there is less chance that the blade will fall off during the work process. Many carpet installers found it convenient to wear this knife as a pedant. Why not?!

11. Crain 301 Cushion Back Carpet Cutter

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A handy carpet knife by Crain is great for clean neat cuts, it is created especially for the cutting and trimming of sponge-backed carpets. It has very effective double-30 angle blades that do great work at producing better seams. 

The material of the knife is nickel-plated steel, very durable, and heavy enough to provide comfort during work.

We can personally recommend it for cutting the loop pile Berber carpets. It’s one of a few tools that’s effective for the process. The only downside of the knife is that the blades may be hard to get out. Be careful when doing it.

Flooring installers often choose this knife and say that it works just as it should, and the grip is very comfortable for the long working hours.

12. KUTIR Retractable Box Cutter Utility Knife

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Box cutter/carpet knife by the Kutir store is also extremely popular among DIY carpet installers. It has a convenient safety lock, which provides full control over the handle. You can be sure that if you use it correctly, the chance of incidents is next to none. The handle is so easy to grip that you can even work with wet and oily hands. Moreover, it has 5 spare blades provided in the package. These spare blades are hidden in the chamber of the knife. 

This retractable carpet knife will be a great gift for anyone who loves doing DIY home repairs. Absolutely universal product – it cuts carpet, vinyl, wallboard, wires, fiberglass, and many other materials which are usually hard to deal with.

No need to worry about the humidity, this carpet knife is rust-proof.

13. Delphin Yellow dolphin Knife Carpet Fitter Professional Tool

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This bright yellow carpet knife has a very friendly look as if telling us how easy it will be to work with. Indeed, this knife is well known for its high quality. It’s made in Germany and loved globally. The high quality and safety of this product are ensured by the TradeUnderlay Guarantee, so you shouldn’t hesitate, the manufacturer keeps the standards high.

14. Shark Knife by Gundlach

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Just look how beautiful it is! Jokes aside, this shark knife by Gundlach has a very ergonomically designed handle. It is made of aluminum and includes an inner storage area for the blades. The package also includes a plastic holder which you can clip and wear on the belt.

This carpet knife doesn’t have the blades included but can be used with all the utility blades and hook blades.

It has a simple yet practical design and a proper weight for holding in the hand. This kind of design has proven to make cleaner cuts. Based on reviews, this carpet knife is great for anyone with long fingers and allows them to make straighter cuts. Many users have ended up recommending this carpet knife to their colleagues and friends.

15. Delphin dolphin knife Carpet Fitter Professional Tool

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Another sea-inspired carpet knife. Dolphin professional carpet fitters knife is one of a kind. It’s made by the brand Delphin dolphin knife, and we must say the manufacturer has spent much time and research to reach perfection on this tool. This carpet knife can use standard utility blades, and also hook blades, depending on what work you need to do.

It has a small compartment in the handle, which can store extra blades. This storage is enough to fit even 10 extra blades, which is very convenient. Professional carpet installers liked that this knife sits very comfortably in the hand during work, and the wight is really well balanced. 

We should also mention that this knife is designed and made in Germany, so the quality is of a really high standard. It will last many years, it’s that good! Dolphin carpet knife is one of the handiest tools out there.

It has no plastic components, all of them are made of aluminum, for extra durability. At the same time, it’s lightweight enough.

16. CRAFTSMAN Utility Knife for Carpet

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This bright red carpet knife has a unique mechanism that allows to retract the blade and control the depth of the cut. The handle has a comfortable angled design that will allow you to cut the carpet even in the most difficult and hard-to-reach areas. Another advantage that reviewers mentioned is the solid metal that the carpet knife is made of.

17. Crain 217 Hook Handle Razor Carpet Knife

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The carpet knife by Crain has a wide contoured body that fits well in the hand. The smart hooked handle provides an excellent grip on the hand. The hook on the end of the knife is ergonomic and takes some pressure off your hand during long work hours. 

It’s compatible with the standard slotted razor blades. Material of the knife – stainless steel. It’s made in the USA, so a high-quality standard is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have blades included, but as we said above, it will fit any standard blades.

Reviewers mentioned that this knife perfectly serves its purpose, which is carpet cutting, and they didn’t have to look any further. We guess it makes this carpet knife worth recommending.

18. Sheffield 12818 Ultimate Lock Back Carpet Knife

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The second Sheffield product on our list is an ultimate carpet knife with patented quick-change blade technology. It comes with a premium leather sheath, so you can always store and carry it around safely. And in style.

It’s a powerful carpet knife, that will easily cope with carpets, boxes, paper, rope, leather, rubber hoses, and many other materials. It’s very universal and practical for many DIY tasks.

Sheffield store has created a smart mechanism to change the blades. Needless to say, this carpet knife is also compatible with all the standard utility blades. When you order it on Amazon, 1 blade is already included, so you can get to work straight away.

The handle has a textured aluminum grip, which is great to hold during cutting the resisting surfaces.

The manufacturer has thought a lot about the functionality of this carpet knife – it comes with a pocket clip. Which you can use to attach it to the belt or pocket. 

No wonder that the reviews are so high. Users said that’s it’s a great work knife, great for beginners and professional use. You can open it with just 1 hand, and it stays safely open during work, which is important when you work fast.

19. WORX WX081L ZipSnip Cutting Tool

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What is ZipSnip cutting tool? It’s not exactly a carpet knife but it’s a great tool that we can’t recommend you enough. These are electric scissors that don’t have a cord. It creates smooth and precise cuts on the carpet, cloth, leather, and other materials.

ZipSnip has a built-in 4V battery that holds the charge for many months. It also has an indicator that shows who the battery charge is due. The full charging process takes around 5 hours to finish. It’s very lightweight, having only 1lb. Easy to carry and work with.

The blade of this knife has a self-sharpening system, so you can be sure that it always stays sharp and ready to do the cutting. With safety in mind, the manufacturer has created a lock-out switch that you have to press in order to operate. If the button is not pressed, the ZipSnip won’t work.

The price is also very budget-friendly. This cutting tool is cheap, but saves you so much time, and will last for many years.

The package includes 1 blade already, and when you feel like relaxing it, you can get extra blades which are sold in a pack of two. This won’t happen soon though, because such blades are very long-lasting and self-sharpening.

20. C.JET TOOL 10″ Professional Soft Grip Heavy Duty Carpet Scissors

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The last but not least item on our list is multipurpose carpet scissors. If they are created especially for cutting the carpet and have a very strong stainless steel blade that cuts through any type of pile. These scissors have a curved design which makes your work easy even when working in hard-to-reach carpet areas. They are great for cutting a 90° angle or cutting a curve.

Users who bought these scissors said that they were really impressed with how quick their work has become. They said that these colors are fantastic and your hands won’t hurt by the time you finish all the carpeting process. One reviewer specifically said that these scissors cut through high pile carpet like butter. Well, what’s more, to wish for?

With these scissors, you can cut all types of carpets and even thick mats. Just remember to keep your hands above the material that you’re cutting, because the blades are extremely sharp.

How to Cut the Carpet with Carpet Cutting Knife?

Now that you know which carpet cutting knife is the best, let’s see how to use it correctly and how to cut the carpet seam before tucking it in.

First of all, get a nice and sharp blade and install it inside the knife. Or, if you have an electric cuttIng tool, prepare it so that it has enough charge left.

Now let’s get to cutting the carpet.

There are a few ways to do it, depending on what task you have to accomplish.

1) Cutting the Old Carpet for Removal

  • Place the sharp tip of the knife against the carpet, and scratch to make a hole. It should be around 5 inches. 
  • Pull the carpet with the hand up and away from the floor. 
  • Keep on cutting the carpet that s pulled away, combine cutting and slashing to remove larger carpet parts.
  • Peel the large section of the carpet up and roll them to store for the trash.

2) Cut the Carpet for the New Installation

If you’re just preparing to install the carpet, the next method may be useful for you.

  • The first and obvious step is to measure the room to see how the carpet will be located in it. This will tell you how much carpet you will need to cover the floor area.
  • Unroll the carpet roll, and cut it into 2-3 feet strips, they will be easier to manage and install. Measure how you will lay these strips in the room, and make the marking on the carpet backside where you’ll have the cut line.
  • When cutting the new carpet, make cuts on the backside, this way it will be easier to reach straight and precise cuts. Carpet backing is more strong and flat, that’s why you won’t mess up. Make an outline of the cut you have to make before going on with a knife. You can also use a straight edge to make smooth cuts.
  • If you need to make cuts around the corners and some objects, cut the carpet which is already laid on the floor from side to side, from the front side.

Before cutting the carpet, it must be laid on the room floor so that it spreads out. Also, this will allow determining to specifically determine which side and how much cutting is needed.

If you have to trim the carpet around the intricate shapes, make incremental and short cuts. You may also try to make a cardboard template of the shape that you have to cut, this will help you see how much carpet you have to remove in the process.


Carpet professionals know perfectly well that the quality of the carpet cutting tool is extremely important, otherwise performing these works will be complicated. For this purpose, a large number of various carpet knives are presented on the market. They fully cope not only with cutting the carpets, but also other floor coverings, such as linoleum, and are suitable for many other tasks. An average price of a good carpet cutting knife is around $15, although more expensive items can be found.

We hope the selection of knives presented in this post will help you make a good choice, and simplify the carpet installation process. Your room will be nice and ready!

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