Best Washable Outdoor Rugs – Reviews [2021]

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As you spend more hours out of the house, the outdoor area is becoming the new living room. Decorating the outdoor space is a fun way to express your creativity. When it comes to dressing up your patio, deck, porch, or balcony, one key element that can put the whole look together is a lovely outdoor rug. A well-picked rug looks sophisticated, stylish all the while, bringing comfort and protection to your furniture. That is why getting the right washable outdoor rugs is a worthwhile investment.

What To Consider When Buying An Outdoor Rug?

Just like with indoor rugs, while looking for an outdoor rug, the first thing that comes to mind is – how would that complement the other furniture I own? Having an attractive design that would fit in with the whole exterior is critical. Thanks to advances in fabrication, outdoor rugs have never featured such a range in durability or design. Here are some other important aspects that we would like you to consider before you decide on anything. 

1. Style and Color

Outdoor rugs can surely come in a variety of colors and patterns. Rugs like these include everything from simple two-color contrast to geometrical shapes, stripes to floral designs. Darker rugs give out a more intimate look while light colorful ones can make an area look more spacious. Picking what looks good is not always enough. You also have to make sure that the rug is resistant to fading—a particular concern for outdoor rugs, which is not surprising given how little protection from sun exposure the rug has.

2. Durability

The outdoor rug has to withstand a lot more “Torture” than your average indoor rug. Exposure to the elements can attest to a lot of damage. The manufacturers should pick certain materials to ensure durable fabric that is water, stain, mold, and mildew-resistant. This way, the rug can hold up exceptionally well in outdoor areas. Another critical factor is the weave of the rug. In our selection, we picked delicate and tightly woven rugs that can stand up to the test of time.

3. Maintenance 

Outdoor rugs are usually placed in high-traffic areas. It comes as no surprise that they are affected by dirt, dust, pets, food, and drinks. The durability of the rug goes hand in hand with its maintenance. It doesn’t matter if your rug is long-lasting when it ends up looking stained and dirty. Cleaning method recommendations can vary by manufacturer, a simple sweep or shake off the dust can be enough. And for more detailed cleaning, you can usually clean your outdoor rug with a hose, scrub brush, and diluted dish soap. That’s why having a rug that is stain-resistant, but also easily cleanable is of great importance.

Top 10 Washable Outdoor Rugs – Our Chart

We researched the market to bring you our top selection. While there are many options out there, not all of them bring the same qualities to the table.



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Home Dynamix 6681-480 Area Rug

SAND MINE Reversible Mats

SMART DESIGN MAT Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Rug

Safavieh Veranda Collection VER099-0421 Indoor/ Outdoor Rug

Rugshop Geometric Bohemian Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Gertmenian 21571 Coastal Tropical Carpet Outdoor Patio Rug

FH Home Indoor/Outdoor Recycled Plastic Floor Mat/Rug

Unique Loom Outdoor Trellis Collection Casual Moroccan Lattice Transitional Indoor and Outdoor

Home Dynamix Nicole Miller Patio Country Ayana Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

Santex TT006 Outdoor/Indoor Plastic Rug

Our top picks are easily washable and highly durable. Read on to find which one of them checks all of your boxes.

1. Home Dynamix 6681-480 Area Rug

Coming in with a sleek design both in black/grey and blue/grey variant, the Home Dynamix can transform any living space. It has a timeless pattern that compliments almost any decor while offering the perfect combination of durability, fashion, and comfort. This rug is constructed with resilient non-shedding polypropylene yarns.


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Long-lasting vibrant colors 
  • UV/Weather resistant
  • Good quality and easy to clean


  •  Some customers complain of damaged goods 

2. SAND MINE Reversible Mats

Derived from 100% virgin polypropylene, this is a stain-resistant rug that can handle high moisture and heavy foot traffic. Sand Mine rugs provide the same feel underfoot as any natural fiber rug but at a more affordable cost. To put it simply, they are as elegant as they are functional. We recommend them for your deck garden, the beach, picnic, RV camping, garage, kids rooms.


  • Waterproof and water-resistant
  • Easy folding and transport
  • Resistant to sun damage
  • Soft and durable


  • It gets warm if it’s in the sun for too long
  • Easily flammable, not suitable for outdoor cooking

3. SMART DESIGN Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Plastic Rug

This rug can offer a variety of colors, patterns, sizes for you to choose from. One of its strengths is the double layer weaving. This technique leaves us with a thick and soft rug that is hard to tear but easy to fold and store. Moreover, it has a delightful design that is reversible so it can accommodate for different occasions. 


  • It comes in three colors, each one with a reversible side.
  • Made from recycled plastic, meaning the mat is created with the environment in mind
  • Low-maintenance, simple hosing down keeps it clean
  • Does not hold water 


  • You might receive the product with creases.

4. Safavieh Veranda Collection VER099-0421 Indoor/ Outdoor Rug

Safavieh is a trusted brand with many years of experience in the home furnishing business. These rugs are made from Polypropylene – a plastic material known for its durability. Although they are built from plastic, the quality craftsmanship makes them almost indistinguishable from indoor rugs.


  • The rugs come in multiple sizes to accommodate your needs
  • Made with a non-shedding pile for seamless placement
  • Dries out fast
  • Cost-efficient, an excellent option for the price 


  • The white in the rug can be a bit tan looking compared with stark white
  • Some customers complain of corners curling up and fraying

5. Rugshop Geometric Bohemian Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

This product is manufactured on high-speed computer-controlled power looms. The result is a long-term, durable, and resistant rugs for your home. Moreover, they have some attractive attributes like the chevron border and stripe pattern. The Bohemian design is unique, visually, and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to these rugs, the Amazon rating (4.8 out of 5) speaks for itself.


  • Heavy-duty rug suitable for any weather
  • Buyers say that it looks better in person than the photo online.
  • Looks stylish and has a defined design


  • Slightly more expensive than other options

6. Gertmenian 21571 Coastal Tropical Carpet Outdoor Patio Rug

This is one of the top-selling products; the rug is usable on almost any surface. It comes in with multiple designs that are tropical themed. We like this feature because it gives out a vacation vibe to it. Another good argument for Gertmenian is that they have more than a hundred years of experience to show for the quality and durability of their products.


  • UV stabilization and resistance
  • Mould and stains proof
  • Trendy design with popping colors
  • Worth the prize 


  • Inaccurate size information
  • Some customers received products with defects.

7. FH Home Indoor/Outdoor Recycled Plastic Floor Mat/Rug

What we have here is a popular indoor/outdoor rug that is available in a handful of patterns ranging from bright and bold colors to more muted tones. While Polypropylene is a popular material used in these types of products, what makes the FH Hope special is the care put into making them. These are handcrafted, earth-conscious rugs made from recycled materials.


  • They can handle outdoor elements all year round
  • No sign of sun-beaching after continuous use
  • Lightweight and effortless maintenance
  • Available in many variants of color, pattern, and size


  • Customers complain about the rug looking too ‘plastic’ and very shiny.

8. Unique Loom Outdoor Trellis Collection Casual Moroccan Lattice Transitional Indoor and Outdoor

Thousands of Amazon shoppers agree: The Unique Loom Outdoor Trellis Collection earns 4.6 out of 5 stars thanks to its beauty and vibrancy. Customers note that, for an inexpensive outdoor rug, it’s almost perfect. It fits well and looks as in the product photo.


  • Easy to clean
  • Stain-resistant 
  • Does not shed
  • Affordable and elegant


  • Can come with defects
  • No grip to back it and slides very easily

9. Home Dynamix Nicole Miller Patio Country Ayana Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

This is a top-selling item because it looks equally suitable indoors as well as outside. Created by Home Dynamix and designed by Nicole Miller, it guarantees a substantial product. It has a timeless design, and it’s easy to clean polypropylene material is why buyers love it so much.


  • Comfortable to stand on, soft on the touch
  • Does not hold moisture in too long
  • Stays in pristine condition even after a long time of use


  • Has a strong odor but it goes away quickly

10. Santex TT006 Outdoor/Indoor Plastic Rug

Santex TT006 rugs feature a durable material with a lovely woven texture that still feels smooth. Coming in with a blue or green variant, it gives a natural aesthetic. One other perk is that the rug comes in a great carry/storage bag. Considering the price and quality, we view this as a great opportunity.


  • They offer quantity discounts and free shipping (with a business account)
  • Easy to store, won’t take up a lot of space when rolled up
  • Thin, lightweight design 
  • Buyers reviews say that this rug was their perfect choice to use at the beach 


  • Colors may fade over time


The options are vast and sometimes even overwhelming when picking a new piece of furniture. So when it comes to washable outdoor rugs, we’ve got you covered. We did our research, gathered data, and compiled this list that can be your guide. All of our picks are of high caliber. Read carefully and see what suits your home and budget best.

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