Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs Eggs and Adults?

Bed bugs are some of the most creepy pests that you can meet in the house. They are resilient and annoying and once they infest your home they may be extremely hard to get rid of. If they can live in your mattresses, bedsheets, and of course the carpets as well. Once you get them in the house they can drive you mad with their bites and bed bug poop that they leave everywhere. What’s even worse beatbox spread really fast and once they in first your bed as they quickly spread to all the other textile places in your home. Trying to get rid of the bird box is a complex process and you may be wondering what method should I try first? Does bleach kill bed bugs? You will find these answers and many more tips below. let’s find out how to kill bed bugs effectively.

Looking for a bed bug extermination method is a harrowing experience. You might try a lot of methods and some of them may be less effective than others. There are lots of sprays available in the shops and you will also come across home remedies. If the bedbug infestation is at a late stage your only resort may be to ask for professional help. That’s why it’s always easier and more effective to take immediate measures after you have noticed bedbugs in your carpet or bed textile. The fewer bedbugs you have the more effective their extermination will be.

When you read through the Internet you will see numerous home remedies for killing bed bugs and bleach is one of the most commonly used. So if you ask yourself “what kills bed bugs instantly”, “will bleach kills bed bugs”, our short answer is yes. If you use it on time and follow the procedure it will help to get rid of the bed bugs infestation.

First of all, you should know that bed bugs are really difficult to kill and they can withstand even harsh chemicals. If you have decided to try the bleach method you should learn some tricks on how to make it effective. Unfortunately, the diluted bleach will not always cope with the task. Some bleach solutions are more effective than others and I will list a recommended product below in this post so read on if you are interested. Undiluted bleach for bed bugs is the strongest solution if you spray it directly onto these bugs. However, you should be careful because undiluted bleach is dangerous for mattresses and bedding clothing, and other textile surfaces.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Killing Bed Bugs with Bleach?

Should you use bleach or not? Let’s weigh the pros and cons.


  1. It really works, bleach can kill all the bed bugs you have on the floors quickly.
  2. It is an easy-to-purchase bed bug disinfectant that you can get online or in the local store.
  3. Bleach is budget-friendly, to be honest, it is super cheap.
  4. Instructions for use are pretty straightforward; you don’t need special education to use bleach for the treatment.


  1. The fumes of the bleach are really strong so if you have allergies you should think twice before using it.
  2. It is dangerous for the skin and may cause irritation if you don’t dilute it or don’t use special gloves.
  3. After the treatment with the bleach is finished you have to leave the house for a few days.
  4. You cannot use it on the darker colored materials because it discolors them.
  5. Bleach is dangerous for hardwood floors and some furniture materials.

How to Kill Bed Bugs with Bleach?

Can you kill bed bugs with bleach? There are a few different strategies on how to use bleach for killing bed bugs. I recommend using a Clorox bed bugs solution available on Amazon ($6.59).

Clorox Clean-Use this strong formula to obtain higher cleaning power per drop,  the dosage was increased by 33%, which will greatly reduce cleaning work time (compared to Clorox2 disinfectant bleach). This bleaching product can kill 99.9% of home germs and bacteria, including influenza virus, norovirus, MRSA, E. coli, and Salmonella that live on the household surfaces. It has excellent cleaning and disinfection properties.

Plus, it’s a stain remover: contains CloroMax technology, which helps keep clothes stay white for longer and preserves household surfaces by decreasing dirt accumulation during cleaning, so stains will not stick and cleaning will be easy. Use this strong bleach that has been filtered 3 times for bleaching to obtain the purest bleach, which removes 70% more spots than washing powder alone.

Now let’s see how to kill the bed bugs with bleach step by step.

You will require the following products and tools:

  • Clorox disinfecting bleach
  • Vacuum cleaner and an attachment with a hose
  • Laundry detergent and a washer, you will use it for disinfecting the textiles
  • Bucket
  • Spray bottle
  • Scrub brush, clean clothes
  • Protective equipment: rubber gloves, face mask, and an apron
  • Garbage bags
  • Flashlight

Step #1 Inspect the house for the bed bugs

If you’re planning to kill the bedbugs for good, your first step in the cleaning process should be to inspect the house and check all the areas and pay most attention to the mattress, bed, carpet, and upholstered furniture.

The flashlight will help you in this process direct flight into the darkest areas because that’s where bed bugs usually like to hide and lay their eggs. Check for the traces of bed bug poop and dead bed bugs.

Step #2 Prepare the cleaning surface and get rid of unnecessary objects

Bed bugs like to sit in crowded places that have a lot of junk. That’s why you should get rid of all the objects that may help them hide. Before you proceed with a spray in your house with bleach remove unnecessary objects and materials which you don’t want to be treated. Make sure you open all the drawers because that box may also sit inside of them and take your mattress off the bed to treat it separately.

Step #3 Clean and wash the household items

Wash your bed covers and sheets, as they are more likely to contain bed bugs. Wash with Clorox and clothing detergent in boiling water.

After that, dry all these things that you’ve washed at the highest possible temperature. This will ensure that any eggs, bed bugs, and nymphs that could escape after washing are completely removed.

Vacuum clean the mattress and pillows. After that,  use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the drawers (that you have opened beforehand), and all the upholstered furniture in your home. Be sure to vacuum the carpet thoroughly. The bedding needs to be cleaned more thoroughly because it may be the dirtiest.

Step #4 Empty the vacuum bag

After you have finished cleaning the house and washing the textiles and upholstery, take the bag off the vacuum cleaner. If it’s disposable, put it in a sealed trash bag, and throw it into the bin outside the house. If it’s plastic, throw the trash into the sealed trash bag, and wash the vacuum bag with hot water.

Step #5 Apply the Clorox

In a small container, mix Clorox and hot water. Put this mix into the spray bottle and shake gently. Wear gloves to avoid irritation to your skin.

Install the nozzle on the spray bottle and start spraying. The reason why you cannot use undiluted bleach is that it may irritate your skin. Plus, always remember to put on the protection before working with the chemicals.

Apply the mixture to the mattress, pay special attention to the edges and folds. Spray the corners of the bed and box-spring with the solution. Spray the opened drawers, making sure the spray reaches all edges.

Step #6  Wipe the Remaining Areas with a Cloth

While spraying is great for the open areas, it’s advised to combine this method with wiping the harder-to-reach areas with a cloth. You have to do it if you wish to make sure that all the bed bugs get exterminated, and none are left alive.

First of all, put on the protective equipment if you don’t have it on yet. Apply some Clorox and water mixture on the clean cloth, and make sure that the cloth is wet enough. 

Wipe all the drawers, under the furniture, fixtures, and baseboards.

Step #7 After the Cleaning

You shouldn’t come back into the house before the house has dried out after bleach treatment. After spraying, you have to let everything dry for at least a day.

This also guarantees the complete eradication of bed bugs. In fact, it is recommended that you leave home for 48 hours after spraying to allow the solution to work. This is also a good idea if you have an allergy or can’t withstand the smell of bleach.

It’s also a great idea to improve the effect of bleaching treatment by exposing the furniture, especially mattresses to direct sunlight.

After you have exposed the mattress to the sun for around twelve hours, cover it with plastic wrap if you wish to store it for six to twelve months.

This will ensure that the bed bugs suffocate and you will never have to deal with repeated bed bug problems in the future.

When you are cleaning the interior, don’t forget to vacuum all corners, including the drawers and cabinet floors.

Tips to Prevent the Reappearance of Bed Bugs

After you discovered what kills bed bugs and have used the bleach to kill bed bugs, get some anti-bed bug mattress covers. Such covers can block eggs and insects who were left on the mattress after cleaning and will kill them over time.

Of course, buying new mattresses and box springs will make some people feel better. No wonder! However, if you cannot afford the cost of changing your bed, this solution is the best option that will save you a lot of money.

As we mentioned in one of the previous posts, it’s a good idea to install beetle traps. You can place them under furniture and near the bed frames, where bed bugs spend most of the time. These traps can protect you from bites while you sleep and will help you identify which pests you have in the house.

Although mattresses and box spring covers can protect your mattress from insects at night, bed bug traps will stop all insects that are not on the mattress.

Other ways and methods to prevent future infections include:

1) Store clothes in airtight vacuum bags. Put clothes that you don’t wear in the current season in airtight bags in order to avoid contamination of clothes you don’t wear often.

2) Look for the early indications of bed bugs’ presence at home. The first visual sign is usually an insect bite. That’s how they look like:

These bites are very annoying, itchy, and normally develop in rows. Knowing what the bed bug bites look like will help you instantly determine new infections and get better effects.

3) Vacuum clean the carpets, mattresses, and the rest of the house on a regular basis. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t just live in beds. Bed bugs often hide in furniture and carpets, so it is important to vacuum the entire house regularly. Make sure that all adult bugs and their eggs are out.

4) Clean your house. Make sure there is no clutter in the house. The more clutter you have at home, the more chances that the bed bugs will appear again.

5) Understand how bed bugs appear at home. Unfortunately, these insects can enter your house in so many ways. That’s why you have to apply silicone or a sealant on all the cracks at your home. Remember, bed bugs are very small and can live in tiny cracks. Also, remember to check your windows if there are no holes and cracks in them, if necessary, repair them.

6) Try alternative extermination methods for bed bugs such as baking soda or vinegar.

Bed bugs can also arrive at your home on shoes, clothing, or animals. There is not much you can do in this case, just clean the house regularly and, whenever possible, don’t walk in your home in the outdoor shoes.

Now that you know how to use bleach for killing the bed bugs, I hope you use these tips and have a pest-free life. Make sure you follow all the precautions, and you’ll be rewarded with a clean home.

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