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  • How To Remove Carpet Glue

    How To Remove Carpet Glue

    Doing home projects on our own can be a rewarding experience that allows us to exercise our creativity. It can…

  • How to Cut a Rug

    How to Cut a Rug

    If for some reason you need to cut a rug, you better plan everything beforehand not to make an error.…

  • carpet tiles

    How to Install Carpet Tiles Without Glue

    If you thought about installing carpet tiles in your home but want to learn more about how to do it,…

  • how to paint a carpet

    How to Paint a Carpet

    If you’re dealing with an unpleasant, glued-down, cheap, old-style carpet laying in your new home, you’ve got a few choices:…

  • adhesive for carpet tiles

    Adhesive for Carpet Tiles

    In the previous post, we have discussed how to install carpet tiles without glue. It is one of the common…

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