How to Pick a Rug Size: The Complete Guide

Choosing the right rug size to fit your room as an exciting and challenging process. With so many size options available, how do you know which one to pick? We have collected the waterproof tips on how to pick a rug size depending on the room, and your furniture setup. Read on to discover more and make your room a welcoming space!

Most Popular Rug Sizes



3 x 5 feet

5 x 7 feet

5 x 8 feet

7 x 10 feet

8 x 10 feet

10 x 12 feet

9 x 12 feet

11 x 14 feet

12 x 15 feet

14 x 17 feet

General Sizing Rules

The bigger the better – it’s always better to choose the bigger size since even a few inches can make a different perception of the room. The rug should be at least 6″ wider (or even 8″) than the sofa, from both sides.

Proportions matter – read the room, and follow a simple equation: large room = large rug, long space = long rug. 

Visualize the rug placement before the purchase – using a painter’s tape, mark the position of the rug on the floor, to see how the furniture fits into the picture.

Living Room Rug Size Selection

The general approach to choosing rug size for the living room is to have it as large as the seating area. Depending on the size of the sofa, the rug should be at least a foot wider on both sides. Avoid placing the rug in the middle of the living room, look for the conversation space, and where your seating area is located.

Another influential factor is the shape of the living room. It’s recommended to choose the rug which has the same shape, to create a balanced room space.

These are the four most popular rug layouts for the living room:

1.Legs of the furniture completely on the rug. This design will create a unified look in the living room, and create an area large enough to accommodate all of your furniture. In this type of placement, leave at least a few inches from every side of the furniture.


rug size

2. Only the front legs of the furniture on the rug. It’s a good alternative if you’re looking to save on the carpet size, and still wish to create a cohesive look. Just tick the rug under the front legs of your furniture, to create a unified seating area.

front legs on the rug

3. All the furniture – except for the coffee table is located off the rug. This is not a popular or not recommended design choice, however, it’s the most budget-friendly option. The main task is to get it centered in your seating arrangement area.


rug size guide

4. Round rugs arrangement – this is the most creative option. If you choose a round rug, pick the largest size to distinguish the area of sitting. Designers usually recommend “all legs on” placing option, advising to leave at least a few inches from all the sides.

round rug size

Bedroom Rug Size

Choosing the rug for the bedroom, make it with bed in mind. This is the focal point of the interior. Choosing a well-sized and comfy mat will not only define the interior but provide the pleasant support to your feet every morning. In the bedroom, there are 3 possible rug placement types:

1.All bed legs on the rug. We suggest having the rug stretch at least 16″ – 22″ past the sides of your bed.

rug size

2. 2/3 of bed on the rug. Same suggestion, the rug should be at least 16″ – 22″ larger than the bed from each side.

rug size guide

3. Runners on each side of the bed. This is a popular placement when the head of the bed sits against the wall. The runner’s size should be not much longer than the bed, and wider than the nightstand.

bed runner

Kitchen Rug Size

Rugs in the kitchen are a popular solution to provide comfort while cooking or washing dishes for a long time. Anti-stress mats are becoming more popular by the day. Check out our guide on Best Kitchen Mats For Hardwood Floors.


kitchen hardwood floors

There are 2 options:

  1. Runner. A well-placed runner can visually make the kitchen look bigger. The sizes are standard and fit the majority of interiors.
  2. Placing rug in front of the sink. The sizes are also pretty standard.

Bathroom Rug Size

The standard runner rug size for the bathroom is 24” by 60”, and it’s placed in front of the bathtub or a shower to prevent you from slipping.


bathroom rug

We hope you are now much positive and well equipped to choose your dream rug size and fit it into the interior the way you wish.

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