Top 5 Rug Trends for 2021

Floors are becoming way more than just an afterthought when it comes to styling a room. In recent years rugs are more favorable, and they slowly overthrow wall-to-wall carpeting. A stylish mat is the number one choice to liven up floors and transform them. With modern-day technology, there are countless alternatives to floors that look like a faceless background. Paying attention to what interior designers have to say, we gathered the latest rug trends for winter 2021.

Rugs that only fulfill their function do not seem to cut it anymore. That is why professional designers put much effort into creating a state of the art products. The innovative rug industry evolved to generate goods that are functional, modern, unique, and most importantly, they tell a story of your personality. 

Where do I start?

The thing about rugs is that you can get them in all kinds of shapes and sizes, a variety of colors, patterns, options are almost endless. When you feel overwhelmed with possibilities, it is always a safe bet to go with something modern and up to date. 

Color rug trends

rug trends beige

The neutral palette of grey, beige, brown creates a relaxing environment and is never out of style. Moreover, these hues are easy to combine with other interior products in any environment. Although light-toned colors are always fashionable, keep in mind that if not appropriately blended they get a bit blunt and monotonous. 

On the other hand, bold colors and expressive style shows character. Being courageous and fearless is the theme of 2021. This winter, you should go for mismatched color combinations. Be brave and pair a vibrant, eye-catching rug with bright furniture for an energetic, joyful look. 

Texture rug trends

low pile rug

Texture provides an extra dimension and a sense of movement. Soft high pile rugs work well when combined with muted colors and a subtle pattern. Plush carpets are often seen as high-maintenance. They collect dust and allergens and require constant vacuuming. 

With that in mind, medium and low pile rugs made from durable, resistant fibers such as polypropylene are a great hit. This rug trend will last. Between kids, pets, and general life, a stain-resistant carpet can save a lot of time and effort.

Pattern rug trends

geometric rug

Patterns will undoubtedly turn tacky with sizeable carpets. If a design takes up a large area of the room, it will suffocate it. These statement pieces tend to do best in smaller doses. That is what’s excellent about area rugs. 

You can tactfully use those stunning, bold colors and patterned rug trends in smaller amounts. The minimalist look that steered away from patterns had its five minutes of fame and is slowly fading away. Off-beat geometric and abstract patterns will define this next winter.

Moreover, oriental designs are so detailed and unique that they always make a good centerpiece. Last but not least, a trend that is relevant this winter is the floral pattern. It comes as no surprise since they give a natural esthetic and keep us in touch with nature. One thing you should remember when it comes to rug patterns is to steer away from animal prints since they are not in this season.

Top 5 Rug Trends for Winter 2021

As autumn passes us by, its pleasant colors and the spirit of the upcoming holidays will surely put you in a redecorating mood. The dawn of the new decade is the right time to stay ahead of fashion. Looking toward a new year of opportunities, we found what is in this winter season. Go ahead and sharpen your sense of style with the latest winter rug trends.

1. Maximalism 

You may have already guessed it, and you are right maximalism is the polar opposite of minimalist design. Rugs in 2021 will be centered around expressing yourself and not being afraid to show off your character. Maximalism is all about breaking conventional interior design norms. 

This winter, you don’t have to stick to one particular theme or idea. Mixing and matching rug designs to include your favorite colors, patterns, materials, textures allows you to pick your favorite things and throw them all together.

Another thing about this trend is that you can get the rug that you desire without worrying about conforming to the existing decor.

Keep in mind that maximalism is not about filling every square inch of your floor with color. It consists of loud patterns and vivid colors, yes, but it is about more than that. Real maximalist rugs should add those extra embellishments to your home without being tacky.

2. Vintage

The saying “old is new” is more accurate than ever this winter. Vintage looking rugs have loads of personality, so it is no surprise they are frequently resurfacing with the latest rug trends. Original antique rugs are hand-knotted and often take years or even decades to produce. The result is a timeless piece that is an art as much as a piece of furniture. 

Rugs like these come with a hefty price tag that only a few can afford. Nevertheless, there is a way to enjoy the finer things in life without being super-wealthy. In today’s day and age, the vintage look is achievable and accessible. 

We’re talking about an entirely new rug that is deliberately deprived of its color, pattern, dense pile to acquire a vintage appearance. In such products, the aged effect is attained by special dyeing, and the stack is removed industrially. 

You get the best of both worlds. A rug crafted from the latest stain-resistant, durable fibers with a classy, high-end design. Faded vintage rugs are back in style, so remember to pair them with modern furniture to keep this look fresh. 

3. Natural esthetic 

The world is collectively becoming more aware and conscious, which reflects modern trends. The environment has become an increasingly relevant topic for many, and this is imprinted in rug trends. Recyclable rugs and rugs made from natural materials are a trend that has been knocking on our doors for a while now, and we can confidently say that it is here to stay even beyond this winter season. 

First, environmentally friendly materials, as well as recyclable polypropylene rugs, show that manufacturers have our health and our planet’s best interest in mind. 

Secondly, our busy lives prevent us from indulging in the outdoors as much as we would want to. In today’s day and age, we overcome our need for nature in our lives by bringing it to our home. Moreover, rugs with a natural and organic feel to them give a sense of calmness, peace, and above all, create a welcoming atmosphere.

Last but not least, taking inspiration from nature means that your options are vast. The colors of nature are numerous and will brighten up the gloomiest of winters. Take your pick, floral patterns, eco-chick, ocean blue, autumn gold, lumber brown, large leaf patterns.

Nature-based rugs are usually made tougher than traditional materials making these a substantial choice for outdoor and indoor rugs.

4. Layering

Layering refers to the idea of having a smaller rug onto a carpet or a larger rug. The larger piece provides comfort and warmth, as well as protection to your floors. Adding a rug on top of it changes the whole ambiance and gives focus to a room. This look is going to be an absolute hit, and it is a great way to have fun with textures and styles. Furthermore, layering a round rug will define the space, and also emphasize the difference in shapes. 

Before you jump on this trend, you must thoroughly consider your desired combination. The background carpet or rug should be a neutral choice like monochromatic jute or wool that allows you to cover more space without overpowering the place. Moreover, the key to layering carpet over carpet is to have a contrasting texture. Area rugs with a short-pile or looped design will go well with thick, luxurious shag rugs that add a sense of softness and refinement to the place. 

Finally, take into consideration that patterns do not mix well. When you do layer rugs, make sure that only one of them is patterned.

5. Transitional 

You may have heard the term “transitional” used when reading up on current rug trends and might be wondering what that it means. Transitional rugs are a blend. They combine traditional with contemporary style. 

Thus, providing the sophistication of conventional rugs, with less of the formality. The inspiration for these rugs is classic traditional motifs with modern “up to date” features. Bold color schemes, different shades of analogous colors, abstract patterns are just some of the contemporary twists in transitional rugs. 

Transitional mats can be found in any color, whether light or dark and have no limit to design possibilities. These rugs are quickly becoming quite stylish, since they also focus on comfort and practicality, and adapt to the lifestyle of an active household.

Choosing a rug that fits your needs and is just as unique and individual as you are is not an easy task. That is why you can count on interior design experts to point out the latest hits. Since your home is a sanctuary both for you and your family, keeping it modern is worthwhile. Just remember that your taste and preferences are what matters the most, and we are only here to point out your options.

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